Blinking Flashlight – 2018

Brightest Flashlight LED – Torch 2018! Instantly turns your device right into a wonderful torch. The closing lighting device takes full gain of the torch moderate. Strobe/Blinking flashlight Mode is likewise supported and it’s FREE!

It can improve the visible standard overall performance in the dark to achieve the LED delivery, the strength of the smartphone LED Flash can become an effective alternative to torch mild if you first-class want to use a simple and smooth to perform interface.



Brightest Flashlight 2018 Feature:

  • Strobe Effect with Speed Control
  • Convenient – Switch On/Off the mild much like the use of a real torch mild.
  • Compass to navigate in complete darkness!
  • Instant open: Fast response, whenever, everywhere.
  • Morse code Flash for SOS
  • Low Phone storage
  • Low battery consumption: The battery is used at the least
  • Exquisite Widget: Super adorable icon

Handy Torch

This App is to be had in genuinely accessible whilst the energy is going out. It turns your telephone into a fantastic bright flashlight within the quickest way and best faucet. This App can liven up your darkness right away.

Brightest Flashlight

This feature turns your phone into a strong Flash inside the fastest way and simplest faucet. Free lighting up your night and assist you in an emergency. Brightest Flashlight is the handiest widget within the world; offer you satisfactory power slight.

Strobe Feature

The strobe light may be very beneficial with nine blinking modes. Strobe is adjustable with simple drag frequency controller, blinking from 0 to nine. Blinking flashlight unfastened may be used for a party, emergency and place track.

Simple Widget

App widget is to be placed on your private home show. Instantly turn your device into a sparkly torch that manages with 1 tap. The light may be activated with an easy click.

Powerful Light

This FlashApp uses virtual digital Powerful Flash mild on Android tool and turns your phone into a first rate-speedy.


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